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Multiple Missing Teeth

Implants for Replacing Multiple Teeth

If you have lost multiple teeth, you may be wearing a denture or partial denture. This can be a real burden, sometimes causing embarrassment, discomfort and a negative impact on your quality of life. Did you know you don’t have to eat soft foods or wear dentures for the rest of your life?

Multiple teeth are usually replaced with the support of two or more implants. This allows the teeth to be adequately and securely supported for many many years to come. In certain circumstances implants are even strong enough that two teeth can be supported on one implant but this would be carefully planned and executed by your prosthodontist or team.

Depending on the volume of jawbone, a dental implant and abutment that support the teeth can be placed on the same day or over a period of months. The implants will look and feel exactly like your natural teeth. After a period of healing, your implants will be fully integrated and will look, feel and function as close as one can get to the original teeth!

Health and Benefits of this treatment
  • Large numbers of missing teeth can be replaced with multiple implants to avoid the lifelong burden of dentures.
  • You can bite or chew foods as normal.
  • A beautiful natural smile that doesn’t depend on a removable denture is possible and this gives you the confidence to get on with your life.
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I had 4 implants, 1 root canal and crowns. I am very nervous when it comes to visiting the dentist, but I was put at ease straight away by all. I only wish I had discovered this place a few years earlier. 

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