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Indications for Sedation or General Anaesthetic
  • Very Young Age
  • Poor Co-Operation or Inability to Cooperate
  • Dental Anxiety or Fear
  • Extensive Dental Treatment
Inhalation Sedation

This type of sedation involves the child inhaling a mixture of pleasant smelling gases through a small nose piece. The gas helps the child to relax and feel comfortable during the dental procedure. The child is awake and can communicate during the sedation. This type of sedation requires a level of cooperation from the child to work effectively.

General Anaesthetic

In some cases it may be recommended to put a child to sleep or under general anaesthetic to carry out comprehensive dental treatment. This is carried out in the Bon Secours Hospital Cork. The child is put under general anaesthetic by a consultant anaesthetist while Jennifer carries out the dental treatment. The benefit of this technique is that all of the dental treatment is carried out in one visit. If prevention advice is followed at home the child should only require routine check visits and preventative therapy in the future. Medical insurance will provide some of the cover of the hospital day case and anaesthetic fees. Our reception staff are more than happy to help with any insurance forms which need to be completed.